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Learning Centers

Brackenhurst, Kenya

Brackenhurst, idyllically situated on one-hundred acres, and only forty kilometers from Nairobi, is nestled within a restored indigenous forest and an internationally recognized botanical garden. Brackenhurst is the ideal Kenyan base for studies in virtually any field.

The campus also hosts Woodland Star School, a progressive international elementary school (with plans to progress to secondary), boasting a diverse learning community. This school is seen as an ideal incubator for holistic, child-centered education in Kenya and as a launching pad for broader professional development and community outreach.

The Brackenhurst infrastructure, functioning school, on-site environmental program and surrounding community connections provide a myriad of “real world laboratory” opportunities for programs. An impressive network of relationships is available for program input and bespoke lectures. These partners include nearby social, conservation, economics and research initiatives.

Educational Programs

Ecology & Conservation: 

  • Study Forest Restoration Ecology in Brackenhurst’s restored indigenous forest. The Brackenhurst Botanic Garden and indigenous forest is a fascinating example of how quickly biodiversity and ecosystem services can be restored on a relatively small piece of land.
  • The Regenerative Permaculture program equips and empowers participants with methods of design, and the skills to observe and apply practical solutions to the needs of specific target groups. This is accomplished through the implementation of regenerative practices focused on diversity, resource management and energy capture.

Health Science:  

  • Gain invaluable experience in a third world context through a formal partnership with the government’s ministry of health, as well as direct relationships with various grassroots community health initiatives. This Healthcare program is for students studying a medical, nursing or healthcare qualification. Students will fill a supporting role for Kenyan medical professionals at clinics and hospitals, participate in cross-cultural learning workshops and promote health education through community outreach.

Service Learning


  • Brackenhurst Botanic Garden provides the perfect learning space that offer practical skills and methods for designing and creating sustainable living systems, integrating human needs with the ecosystems in which we are rooted. Join the Forest Regeneration & Permaculture service learning project at Brackenhurst to empower and train the local community to replicate these sustainable efforts elsewhere.


  • Woodland Star School is an ideal laboratory for education programs, with a diverse student and teacher community and an emphasis on experiential, project-based learning and environmental responsibility. This Primary Education service learning project seeks to address the issue of quality education in Kenya by partnering with international primary school educators in the exploration, development and implementation of dynamic learning practices.

The Team House, Cape Town

The Team House, is a leading group accommodation facility in the South Peninsula, with highly personalized service and a one-stop offering, facilitating life changing educational experiences in Cape Town. Located on Noordhoek Beach at the base of Chapman’s Peak it’s only a 20 minutes drive from the city center. 

Facilities include accommodation for up to 42 people, conference room and equipment, lounge area, breakaway rooms and an in-house chef. The scenic and remote location gives students the ideal opportunity to engage with each other and have quiet reflection or study time.

Cape Town’s history and diversity makes this the ideal location to study various subject fields.

Educational Programs


  • South Africa is a fascinating place to study Social & Economic Development. This module offers participants the opportunity to engage with the economic factors and social realities that are defining this modern African country.

Social Science

  • The Humanity & Social Justice program offers participants the opportunity to explore issues of humanity and social justice through the lens of the Apartheid.

Service Learning Projects


  • With the aim of making a sustainable change in the lives of the most disadvantaged, we partner with communities whose populations face the complex challenges associated with poverty on a daily basis. Through the Community & Education project students will assist pre-school teachers to provide support and aid the children’s development as they prepare for primary school.