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As the Akan proverb teaches, “Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it,” it takes a team of experts to bring you the exceptional EDU Africa experience. Our company is staffed by friendly, innovative people who care about Africa, her environment and her people – individuals who believe that Africa is where you’ll feel most alive.

Meet the people who collaboratively make EDU Africa’s Transformative Learning Journeys possible:


Sean Anderson | Muna Tree Managing Director

Sean studied Environmental Science and Economics at the University of Cape Town and is currently completing his MBA studies at the University of Illinois. He is the Managing Director of Muna Tree Holdings (which includes EDU Africa). Sean thrives in providing practical leadership on projects where the twin goals of ecological restoration and community empowerment exist. This is also evidenced in the key role Sean plays

in the work being done to model African Forest restoration at the Brackenhurst Botanic Garden in Central Kenya. Sean is passionate about the transformative experiences EDU Africa offers to students from abroad, especially with regards to the intersect between community development and environmental stewardship.

Barry Rawlings | Founder & Managing Director

Barry is EDU Africa’s Managing DIrector and co-founded the organization with Michael Massingham. He is based in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he has lived for a number of years. He studied Social Science at the University of Cape Town before pursuing postgraduate studies in Global Learning and Development Education, and also worked in finance in South Africa for five years before founding EDU Africa. The combination of his educational

expertise, his love for new ideas and concepts, and his business acumen position him well to lead the organization. Barry is deeply passionate about community development and meaningful cross-cultural engagement, and is at his happiest when able to connect personally with the students and academics that travel with us.

Michael Massingham | Founder & Commercial Director

Michael co-founded EDU Africa, currently holding the title of Commercial Director, and also advises to the boards of several non-profit organizations. He holds a business degree with specializations in Business Management and Industrial Psychology. All who know Michael will tell you that his most prized possessions are his relationships - he readily invests his time and trust in multiplying and supporting others, and is passionate

about advocacy. He believes in the power of study abroad in creating a more just and equitable world, and his areas of interest lie in sustainable community-based global learning, ethical global exchange, accessibility and environmentalism in Africa.

Adrian Maarschalk | Operations Director

Adrian is the Director of our East Africa hub and is responsible for oversight of all programming and operations in our East Africa regions (including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda). He is originally from Zimbabwe, but has lived all over - the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, Kenya and, most recently, Tanzania, where he has been based for almost a decade. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Rhodes

University and has been a pivotal member of the EDU Africa team since 2008. Adrian is enthused by spending time outdoors and building strong relationships with clients and partners. He is a strong mediator and brings harmony and camaraderie to EDU Africa’s team. His dedication to the support and well-being of others is well-known throughout our organization, and he loves being a part of programs that make a difference in students’ and partners’ lives.

Charl Ackermann | Marketing Director

Charl heads our Marketing team as Marketing Director, and is passionate about innovating and finding creative avenues for sustainable development. He was born and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa but now calls Cape Town his home. He holds a BA (Hons) in Tourism Management Degree from North West University and, after studying, spent 2 years working in England before joining EDU Africa in 2009.

He loves to collaborate with others, and believes in the importance of highlighting the African continent’s many voices in international education.

Heidi Barends, PhD profile

Heidi Barends, PhD | Academic Director

Heidi currently serves as Academic Director at EDU Africa, overseeing various facets of academic programming across our regions and keeping abreast of innovative and pertinent transformative learning practices. Before joining EDU Africa, Heidi was involved in research and teaching at the University of Cape Town from 2014-2018. She was also a faculty member at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology from 2015-2018.

Heidi completed her PhD in English Literature in 2018, with specialization in 19th century women’s writing and transnational feminisms. Her current research interests include transnational solidarities and transformation education. She loves to ideate and innovate, and is grateful to work for an organization such as EDU Africa that values continuous learning and growth.

Annerien Nel | Business Operations Director

Annerien joined the EDU Africa team as a program manager in 2016, moving over to the Marketing department shortly thereafter. She currently fulfils the role of Business Operations Director overseeing key internal processes to ensure quality and efficiency across the organization. She is energized when things run productively and loves being able to contribute to team health, good communication, and collaboration across our offices

on the continent. She values seeing progress and growth in herself and others and believes stepping out of your comfort zone is a way of encouraging just that.

Program Managers

Our Program Managers work collaboratively with faculty to curate and deliver quality custom programs. Each program will have a dedicated Program Manager to assist with curriculum development, building the itinerary, and taking care of all logistical arrangements.

Roseanne Kinyua | Program Manager, Kenya

Roseanne was born in Kenya and currently lives in Nairobi. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Education from Kenyatta University and was a high school music teacher from 2005 to 2010, whereafter she ventured into the world of administration and program management. She is a passionate educator at heart, but has realized that being on the production end of educational experiences is more fulfilling than being at the front of

the classroom. Roseanne has travelled to several different parts of the world and has seen first-hand the importance of travel in getting to know oneself, examine worldviews, and appreciate what host and home countries have to offer. Her role as Program Manager in Kenya is the perfect marriage of her educational and administrative skills and experiences.

Desireé Haakonsen | Program Manager, Southern Africa

Desiree is a Program Manager for the Southern African region, creating tailor-made transformative learning journeys for clients. She holds a BA in Film and Media Production from the University of Cape Town, and her passion for the Arts is evident in her programming. She is a creative perfectionist at heart -- her innovation is key to creating custom programs and her attention to detail ensures that those creative visions become a

reality. She furthermore thrives in collaborative environments and loves working with people – all of which make her a firm favourite among partners and clients alike. She is passionate about serving others, and loves that her programming work at EDU Africa allows her to live out this mandate both locally and internationally.

Dave Fisher | Program Manager, South Africa

Dave is a key member of our South African team, developing and managing regional programs. Dave studied at the University of Cape Town, where he obtained a Bachelor of Social Science degree as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. He taught as a high school teacher for six years and also worked in media production management before joining EDU Africa. His work as a program manager enables him to merge

his educational background not only with his love for travel and adventure, but also with his passions for photography and social impact projects. While Dave has experience in a wealth of programming areas, he is particularly adept at developing business and/or MBA and STEM programs.

Resego Molope

Resego Molope | Program Manager, Tanzania

Resego manages our Tanzania programs. She hails from Johannesburg, the City of Gold, and moved to Cape Town to study at the University of Cape Town in 2016. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Politics and Sociology. Her keen interests in African Economic History and the provision of quality education across the continent marry well with her work in programming for our East Africa office.

Resego’s keen eye for detail, passion for sustainability and social justice, and commitment to meaningful transformation are evident in every aspect of her work.

Sarah Masiyandima | Program Manager, Zimbabwe

Sarah manages programming and operations in our Zimbabwe office. She holds a BCom in Financial Accounting from the University of Cape Town and worked as a TEFL educator before joining EDU Africa. Sarah’s interests are broad - from numbers and languages, to geography and the environment. She translates these varied interests into the multidisciplinary scope of programming opportunities

that her role affords her. She loves working with people and is always willing and open to collaborate.

Program Operations

Lincoln Njiru | Operations Manager, Kenya

Lincoln hails from central Kenya and is a pivotal member of our East Africa programming team.Lincoln has been involved with wildlife conservation programs in the Maasai Mara for a number of years and is particularly interested in community based conservation. His desire to balance biodiversity conservation with the improvement of livelihoods brings an innovative edge to his programming. His passion for nature led him to

pursue his Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management from Egerton University. Thereafter, he worked in Bostwana before moving to South Africa to complete his Masters degree in Environment and Development at the University of KwaZulu Natal. He has a strong sense of responsibility, ensuring that no task is left undone, and is also a skilled arranger with the ability to piece things together for maximum productivity.

Loretta Ferreira | Operations Manager, South Africa

Loretta serves as the Operations Manager in our South Africa office. Before joining EDU Africa, Loretta worked in project management and quality assurance. She holds certifications in both areas. She was born in South Africa and currently calls Cape Town her home. Loretta has a deep passion for problem solving and getting things done, and prizes an excellence in her own work that inspires others. She is at her happiest when helping others to achieve, and plays a pivotal role in health and safety, facilitator training, and vehicular quality control at EDU Africa.

Dax Jackson | Program Facilitator, Southern Africa

Dax is a proud Zimbabwean and is currently based in the country. He is a program facilitator for our Southern African programs and, as such, is responsible for coordinating programs and supporting groups on the ground. When he is not facilitating programs, he works as a Chef for Health Kitchen Zimbabwe. He is passionate about community and environmental work, and is at his happiest when out in the field.

Program Support

Tafadzwa Muchopa | Quality Assurance Coordinator

Tafadzwa was born in Zimbabwe and has lived there all her life, save for three years that she spent studying in the UK. She holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Molecular Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health and Certificates in Community Development and Counseling. She also completed an Advanced Diploma in Scientific Writing and Medical Journalism. Tafadzwa is responsible for quality assurance at EDU Africa,

co-ordinating health and safety protocols and ensuring general organizational materials and documentation are of a high standard. Her methodical approach and thoroughness are much valued in her role. Tafadzwa is glad to be part of a team that holistically combines education with sustainable development and empowerment.

Ashley Cilliers_EDU Africa Program Support

Ashley Cilliers | Program Support, South Africa

Ashley was born in Evander, a small mining village in Mpumalanga, South Africa, and moved to Cape Town once she finished her schooling. She holds Bachelors Degrees in both Theology and Psychology from the Cornerstone Institute. Ashley is an expert administrator, having worked in events, PR and marketing in the past.

She currently spends the majority of her time assisting the South Africa Programming Team with a host of backend processes, but also plays an important technical role in Virtual Exchange programs across the continent. She loves being part of a company that strives to see people grow and develop and being able to make a difference in people’s lives through education.

Kim Brammer

Kim Brammer | Program Support, South Africa

Kim is a member of our program support team in South Africa, assisting program managers with research and logistical arrangements. Kim Loves to be in the outdoors and her friends and family play an important role in her life. Her friendliness, empathy, and willingness to assist wherever she can make her beloved colleague and member of the EDU Africa family.

Angie Kritzinger

Angie Kritzinger | Admin & Finance Support

Angie manages administration and financial support for our South Africa office. She is a glass-half-full type of person and lives passionately through everything that she does. She thrives on learning and growing, and has been involved in a variety of sectors before joining EDU Africa – from Educare teaching to property management. Angie’s supportive role

enables her to encourage and assist others in a myriad of ways, and her friendliness and readiness to give advice is renowned amongst her colleagues.