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Why EDU Africa?

Focus on Transformative Educational Experiences

We aspire for students to experience holistic transformation during our programs in Africa. To encourage this, we develop programs that give students access to experiential learning scenarios, high-caliber industry and academic professionals, and sustainable community initiatives. 

Commitment to Amplifying African Voices

We’re committed to using our programs as a platform to amplify and respect the amazing voices, stories, feats, and ideas that are found on the African continent.

Based in Africa

We work from three regional offices in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. We are on the ground where it all happens. This gives us the local savoir-faire to invite you to Sub-Saharan Africa with confidence. We also understand and care about the local communities we work with as we build long-term relationships.

Friendly and Skilled Programming Teams

From the first point of contact with your Program Designer, until you meet your Program Facilitator, you will have all the necessary information and support you need. We believe that communication is key, and will guide you through each step of the planning process to compile a unique educational program that meets your expectations. Our professional and qualified Program Facilitators will lead the group with excellence and provide 24-hour on-location support.

Health, Safety, and Security are Priorities

With our hands-on approach and many years of experience, we are proud to say we have a credible record of no serious incidents on our programs. We have a sound safety and security framework in place to protect our valued participants, most of whom are young and therefore more vulnerable. We also conduct in-depth risk assessments so that group leaders can be well-informed and up-to-date. We have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy that is based on the UN Standards for Child Protection.