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Changing Lives

Belmont Abroad | Service Learning in Africa

Belmont University annually sends a group of students on a Service Learning in Africa program. Over the last 10 years more than 150 students have been on this life-changing journey to South Africa, Botswana or Tanzania.  The main focus of this educational service learning program is to serve the community...

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Empowering lives through Physical Therapy in Tanzania | A Student story

A 24 year old Doctorate of Physical Therapy student at Stony Brook University, Sarah, has never traveled outside of North America. Africa has always been a destination she dreamed of visiting but did not think that dream would become a reality. Little did she know that her passion for Physical...

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Women Making a Difference

National Women's Day is celebrated on the 9th August in South Africa. This public holiday pays homage to the women who fought tirelessly against the tyranny of the Apartheid government. Wives, daughters, mothers, sisters and friends are celebrated through the month of August for the role they play in the...

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We didn’t save the world, but we did plant trees at Greenpop Reforest Fest

We are not planting trees to save the planet. The planet can save itself. We’re here to do something for ourselves, our children, and future generations. We’re planting trees to rebuild this forest and to connect with the nature around us. That was the message of the day as teams...

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5 Reasons Why Africa is Perfect for Service Learning

Service learning is an excellent way to learn through cultural immersion and to empower a local community through authentic connections. The cycle of exchange and interaction makes the experience not only memorable, but life-changing. And by "life-changing," we aren't referring to the fuzzy feeling inside after doing good (which, of...

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Make a #MyOceanPromise this World Oceans Day

June 8 is World Oceans Day and ocean love is already flooding social media thanks to the #MyOceanPromise campaign. If you’ve been stuck in a bubble and haven’t yet joined in on Twitter and Instagram, now’s the time to get hooked. The Two Oceans Aquarium, along with Shark Spotters and the National Sea...

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