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We didn’t save the world, but we did plant trees at Greenpop Reforest Fest

We are not planting trees to save the planet. The planet can save itself. We’re here to do something for ourselves, our children, and future generations. We’re planting trees to rebuild this forest and to connect with the nature around us.

That was the message of the day as teams of colour-coordinated toddlers, teens, grown ups, and grey-topped kids gathered to plant trees together in Platbos Forest over the family weekend edition of the Greenpop Reforest Fest.

Greenpop planting trees

Over 2,300 baby trees were planted on Saturday morning alone – a remarkable accomplishment considering the intense heat and amount of little bodies with dirt-streaked parents in tow who toddled off to enjoy the shade, snacks, crafts, and face painting of the kiddies entertainment tent.

Watching kids get stuck into tree planting was pure joy. Fingernails black with embedded soil and sweaty brows painted in rainbows of dirt, it was a world where the iPad and Xbox never existed. Each one of them helped to dig holes, build walls, collect water, stomp the mulch, and plant their clusters of saplings in their new home.

For one day, a bunch of strangers were united in one cause – to reconnect with nature and give a small part of time to do something good. The forest was filled with singing and laughter, high fives and “hoo-ha’s” until at last we gathered together to dance under a shower of cold water and plant one more ceremional tree of unity.

Greenpop reforest festival picnic

It’s a weekend I certainly won’t forget. And if my kids happen to forget the name of the forest or the trees they planted, I know they’ll never forget the friendly mole snake that we dug up, our Blue Team chant, or the gigantic smile and hip-swings of our brilliant Greenpop team leader, Yugesh. There was plenty more to enjoy too – but you’ll have to do discover those memories for yourself at the next fest!

Thank you Greenpop & Platbos Forest for a brilliant chance to reconnect with nature and each other!