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Make a #MyOceanPromise this World Oceans Day

June 8 is World Oceans Day and ocean love is already flooding social media thanks to the #MyOceanPromise campaign.

If you’ve been stuck in a bubble and haven’t yet joined in on Twitter and Instagram, now’s the time to get hooked. The Two Oceans Aquarium, along with Shark Spotters and the National Sea Rescue Institute, are asking all supporters to collaborate and celebrate their love for the oceans.

It’s easy!

  1. Pick an ocean promise. Here are a couple of ideas or you can come up with your own – as long as it celebrates the sea!
  • pick up litter on the beach
  • stop using disposable plastic bags (check out the Better Bag Challenge)
  • stop using straws
  • volunteer at a marine conservation establishment
  • eat only green-listed seafood
  • go for more walks on the beach
  • learn to surf
  • take a breath of fresh ocean air
  • swim in the ocean
  • cut my plastic loops
  • reduce, reuse, recycle


  1. Tweet or Instagram your ocean promise (or promises) as many times as you like using the hashtag #MyOceanPromise and tagging @2OceansAquarium. (You can also tag Shark Spotters @SharkSpotters and the NSRI @searescuesa (Instagram) and @nsri (Twitter)


  1. Share this invitation with friends, family, colleagues, and even perfect strangers to get them involved too!


We asked some of our staff to share their #MyOceanPromise:

  • Charl: I promise to never wear a speedo on the beach!
  • Andrea: I promise to always revel in the ocean’s enormity and respect its amazing creatures
  • Zarek: I promise to cut my plastic rings (from canned drinks) and stop using plastic bags & bottles. I’ll also never wear a speedo on the beach (or anywhere for that matter)!
  • Tafadzwa: I promise to make an effort to actually learn more about oceans and marine life in general and current topical issues related to their threatened ‘well being’
  • Desiree: To never take for granted that I live by the ocean, and to do more beach clean ups with the kids.


Here’s some more ideas from Instagram:


Respect every wave

    Be straw free


Conserve the endangered African Penguin

    Create awareness for shark conservation


Let’s make some waves this World Oceans Day! Tell us about your #MyOceanPromise on Twitter (@Edutours_Africa) and Instagram (@edutoursafrica).