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Community Health Support

Faculty-LedFaculty-Led | Health Science Zambia

Module Overview

Healthcare institutions in Zambia suffer from being under staffed and under resourced, often preventing them from providing sufficient healthcare to the public. This module is suitable for students studying towards a medical or allied health qualification. It poses an opportunity for a lot of community health hands on work via interaction with various clinics, the District Aids Task Force, Livingstone prison and the Ministry of Health to deliver maximum benefit of what’s available healthcare and education wise to a broad scope of the community. An important focus for students on this program is to support community caregivers in the field of helping patients with treatment adherence, making healthy lifestyle choices and keeping house bound patients in friendly company. Healthcare intervention is also much needed to provide assistance in educating the society regarding issues such as HIV, hand hygiene, substance abuse, nutrition and cancer. This is a great opportunity to appreciate the healthcare system in Zambia.


Students will be based in Livingstone for the entire duration of this program. They will be accommodated in chalets at The Zambezi Waterfront which is situated on the Northern banks of the Zambezi River, approximately four kilometres upstream from The Victoria Falls and just opposite Siloka Island (Long Island). A visit to view the wondrous Victoria Falls will be a magnificent treat at some stage during the program.

Educational Outcomes

  • Primary Healthcare – what this means in the Zambian context and the gaps that need to be filled
  • Home Based Care – defining and comprehending what this term means and involves as well as practical involvement within this realm
  • Health and Nutrition Community Education – understanding the needs of this society and learning how to structure and conduct effective educational campaigns
  • Geriatric Care – a view of the field of old people care in the Zambian context including social norms and practices regarding their upkeep and participation at a local Old People’s Home

Module Length

The minimum duration for this module is 6 days. The maximum length is 21 days.

Program Coordinator

Barry Rawlings

Barry graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science Degree from the University of Cape Town. With his tertiary education background in sociology, economics and law, plus experience in the financial services sector, Barry moved from Cape Town to Harare about ten years ago before taking on a role as the General Manager for EDU Africa (his Harare office is responsible for programs in Zambia).

He is in love with Africa and counts the opportunity to introduce others to this continent and its people an absolute privilege.

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