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Multi- and Interdisciplinary Study Abroad

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As nations, cultures and societies become increasingly interconnected, multi- and interdisciplinary study abroad programs can play an integral role in equipping students for the challenges and opportunities of personal and professional life beyond their studies.

Participating in multi- and/or interdisciplinary study abroad programs in Africa in particular — a continent known for its creativity and innovation in the face of some of the most challenging circumstances  — offers students a prime context from which to explore the connectedness of not only their disciplines and future professions, but also between themselves and others.

The Benefits

Not only is this an exciting opportunity to connect and work with fellow faculty members while developing a program, but you will also have access to a larger pool of students that will be able to apply for this study abroad opportunity.

Here are some ways a multi- or interdisciplinary study abroad program can benefit participating students:

  • Foster creative thought and problem solving, encouraging students to think “outside of the box”
  • Help students observe patterns and parallels between seemingly unrelated concepts and phenomena
  • Nurture an awareness and respect for the interconnectedness of various disciplines, helping to reject hierarchies of knowledge
  • Encourage the development of more well-rounded individuals
  • Encourage a culture of collaboration among students
  • Practically expose students to the value of working across borders, boundaries and difference

Program Ideas

There are innumerable possibilities for subject combinations in multi- and interdisciplinary programs, creating exciting opportunities for innovative global curriculum design.

Some examples of programs we have already developed include:

  • Women’s Studies & Business Studies – Tanzania
  • The Arts, Ecology, Education & Social Work – Kenya
  • Aquatic & Cultural Studies – Kenya
  • Human Wildlife Conflict, Cultural Studies & Conservation – Zimbabwe
  • Community Development & Health Sciences – Zambia
  • Culture, Anthropology &  Politics – Zimbabwe
  • Performing Arts, Fine Arts & Literature – South Africa
  • Agriculture, Conservation & Climate Change – Tanzania
  • Philosophy, Sociology & History – South Africa

Customize Your Program

Our friendly and experienced team will work closely with you from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that each multi- or interdisciplinary faculty-led program achieves your specific learning goals. We pride ourselves in our ability to create unique, sustainable and truly African transformative learning journeys.

Featured Experiences

Brackenhurst Botanic Gardens

Brackenhurst Botanic Gardens is a vibrant gateway into the world of pre-colonial climate diversity. Rising out of misty, rolling hills of emerald-green tea, these gardens stand as a testament to the power of environmental restoration and protection. The project began in the year 2000 and includes an arboretum of rare tree species that are critically endangered across the continent. 

Big Cat Monitoring

Incredible wildlife is one of Africa’s most appealing icons and is desperately in need of protection through conservation and educational projects. Many conservation efforts give rise to amazing service-learning programs, such as the opportunity to research and monitor big cats. Taking part in this project gives students a chance to deeply experience and engage with some of Africa’s most powerful and breathtaking wildlife.

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