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The Adventure Through Zimbabwe program exposes students to a variety of destinations, each with incredible activities to indulge the senses while availing an opportunity to see different parts of the country.

Adventure Through Zimbabwe

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A great adventure involves a good dose of adrenaline, courage, and a passion for excitement and exploration. Our Adventure Through Zimbabwe program takes participants to a variety of destinations, each with incredible activities to indulge the senses while giving students an opportunity to see different parts of the country.

The program is designed to set challenges for the students and stretch them to draw out their talents and build self-confidence while satisfying their drive to learn. As students travel through Zimbabwe, they will be exposed to different cultural settings, perspectives, and worldviews. This will play a role in inducing critical thinking skills for enhanced global competence.


The itinerary starts in Harare, traverses through Nyanga, Gweru, and Hwange, then concludes in Victoria Falls.

Program Highlights

  • Team-building activities
  • Survival skills training
  • Hiking, abseiling, canyoning, and kayaking
  • Gorge swing and bungee jumping
  • Lion walk
  • Sunrise and sunset game drives
  • Victoria Falls viewing

Customize Your Trip

Thank you for your interest in developing a School Group Program with EDU Africa. We pride ourselves in our ability to customize a program that will meet your requirements, exceed your expectations, and make your vision come to life.

Featured Experiences

Boma Restaurant

Meaning “the place of eating,” Boma appeals to the senses with a variety of local dishes including game meat such as kudu, warthog, and ostrich. Guests are welcome to take part in traditional drumming and dancing. They even have the opportunity to eat a local delicacy – mopane worms!

Craft Workshop

Enjoy a cultural evening with Zimbabwean musicians, after which the local craftsmen will be available to teach you how to craft beautiful pieces of jewelry and sculptures. This cultural immersion experience will not only teach you new skills but give you insight into the cultures and traditions of the people of Zimbabwe.

High Tea at Victoria Falls Hotel

Visit the famous Victoria Falls Hotel, renowned for its colonial-era architecture. This five-star hotel is only a ten-minute walk from the falls and was built in 1904 as a key part of the “Cape to Cairo” railroad dream. Today, enjoying a high tea on the terrace gives you insight into what life was like over a hundred years ago as you gaze at the Victoria Falls Bridge with mist rising from the thundering waterfall.

Tiger Fishing

These ferocious, predatory fish lurk throughout much of the Zambezi, catching prey with their enormous jaws and needle-like teeth. Add a tiger fish to your repertoire during your sports fishing adventure on the Zambezi.

Flight of Angels

Hover through the pounding mist of Victoria Falls as you explore the stunning landscape from the air. A specially designed helicopter, providing panoramic visibility to every passenger, takes you high into the sky to be truly encompassed by the mesmerizing grandeur of the falls.

Victoria Falls

Known as the “smoke that thunders,” Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The waterfall system is the largest on Earth, about 1.7 kilometers wide and 108 meters high. Enjoy being awestruck by the sheer magnificence of the falls.

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