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Currents of Globalization takes students on a journey through Ghana’s incredible history with trading ports.

Currents of Globalization: Ghana

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Program Overview

Currents of Globalization takes students on a journey through Ghana’s incredible history with trading ports. Before 1928 Ghana owned about 40 seaports, but this all changed once an artificial port was developed in Takoradi. After the construction of Takoradi Harbor, which created a thriving economy during the 1920′s, it became a matter of necessity to construct a modern port. This resulted in the disappearance of most of the surf ports that had existed up until that point. Currents of Globalization seeks to highlight the significance of ports as gateways for domestic and international trade – they essentially connect Ghana to the world. During this program, participants will learn about the historical significance of Ghana’s ports that were used for the slave trade, in the harvesting and export of cocoa, and the expansion of the ports in recent times. Students will participate in a range of experiential activities exploring trade routes, the global supply chain (what is manufactured locally and exported), and how these affect the local Ghanaian economy, environment, and people.

Culturally and Historically Significant Sites:

  • Osu Castle
  • Tema Ports and Harbour
  • Manhyia Palace

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Explore cultural identity and cultural self-awareness
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the links between the transatlantic slave trade and modern-day trade routes
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of local and global power imbalances
  4. Develop empathy and consideration for others
  5. Express commitment to ongoing sustainable inquiry, improvement, and innovation
  6. Work together within a team to achieve a common goal

Program Contributors

Wisdom Komabu

Wisdom Komabu is a teaching associate at the University of Cape Coast in the Department of Music and Dance. He studied the Philosophy of Music Composition at the postgraduate level and is now a research assistant, lecturer, and choral conductor at the University. Wisdom is passionate about the history of Ghanaian music as well as its influence around the globe.

Sustainable Development Goals

This program engages students with the principles of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are linked to the planned curricular activities.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Related Planned Curricular Activities: Tema Ports and Harbour, Kejetia Market

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Related Planned Curricular Activities: Tetteh Quarshie Farm, Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, Albert Bosomtwi - Sam Fishing Harbour

Responsible Consumption and Production

Related Planned Curricular Activities: Songhor Lagoon, Akosombo Dam

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