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This program explores the diverse cultures, languages, and artistic models represented in Kenya.

Hues of Africa: Kenya

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Program Overview

This program explores the diverse cultures, languages, and artistic models represented in Kenya. Students will engage with artists (dancers, acrobats, painters, puppet makers, etc. ) and participate in a host of culturally immersive activities in order to develop an awareness of the many hues and resonances of Kenyan cultural and social diversity. Collaborative activities will be formally included in the itinerary to ensure that students can explore culture, identity, and expression within a group cohort setting. They can also experience their host country more broadly.

Culturally and Historically Significant Sites:

  • Banana Art Gallery
  • Sarakasi Dome
  • Nairobi National Museum
  • Kazuri Bead Factory
  • Bomas of Kenya
  • Kenya National Theatre
  • Shujaaz Inc.
  • Helen O’ Grady
  • Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre Kenya
  • Maasai Market

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Explore cultural identity or cultural self-awareness
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of global power imbalances
  3. Develop empathy and consideration for others
  4. Understand the characteristics of good leadership (leading by example, listening actively, confidence, courage, respectfulness, responsibility, effective communication,  perseverance, and being honorable)
  5. Commit to ongoing sustainable inquiry, improvement, and innovation
  6. Work together within a team to achieve a common goal 

Program Contributors

Billy Mugambi

Billy Mugambi, also known as Mr. Sketch, is a freelance illustrator, children’s content creator, and fine artist. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design from the University of Nairobi and has worked as an art teacher in various schools in Nairobi. Billy uses different forms of visual and performing arts to express himself and his beliefs - he draws, paints, sculpts, crafts, writes, sings, and plays the guitar. He also cherishes the belief that art is the most powerful and enduring tool for social revolution used by mankind; a universal language of activism that does not require a translator. He, therefore, strives to use it responsibly in unique ways.

Sustainable Development Goals

This program engages students with the principles of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These are linked to the planned curricular activities.

Reduced Inequalities

Related Planned Curricular Activities: Banana Art Gallery, Sarakasi Trust, Kazuri Bead Factory, Shujaaz Inc., Kenya Institute of Puppetry Theatre, Kiambethu Tea Farm

Featured Experiences

Brackenhurst Botanic Gardens

Brackenhurst Botanic Gardens is a vibrant gateway into the world of pre-colonial climate diversity. Rising out of misty, rolling hills of emerald-green tea, these gardens stand as a testament to the power of environmental restoration and protection. The project began in the year 2000 and includes an arboretum of rare tree species that are critically endangered across the continent. 

Big Cat Monitoring

Incredible wildlife is one of Africa’s most appealing icons and is desperately in need of protection through conservation and educational projects. Many conservation efforts give rise to amazing service-learning programs, such as the opportunity to research and monitor big cats. Taking part in this project gives students a chance to deeply experience and engage with some of Africa’s most powerful and breathtaking wildlife.

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