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Project Luangwa Community Development

Service LearningService Learning | Education Zambia

Project Overview

Project Luangwa is a charitable organization formed by the Safari Operators of South Luangwa as a part of their commitment to community responsibility. Their aim is to create an effective, coordinated approach to helping local communities improve their long term economic prospects whilst avoiding a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. As a charity operating in Zambia, by developing and improving education in schools and creating training opportunities, local families have the chance of earning a sustainable income.

Timeframe for Involvement

Seven to fourteen days (longer if involved in a long term project).

Service Impact

Project Luangwa works with the community through a variety of initiatives, allowing Service Learners to use their strengths in an area that interests them most. Service Learners support quality education by working with local professionals in the area of teaching, learning support and helping run the library. Serving in the area of gender equality, students participate in the gender support program, addressing harmful traditional practices and child marriages, or in the girls’ club working to help girls realize their potential through lifeskill training and counseling. Other areas include working towards accessibility for youth with a disability, collaborating with the Mfuwe Junior football league or playing a role in the tree planting and reforestation initiative at Friends of Brackenhurst.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain insight into the local community culture
  • Learn new perspective on education and community development
  • Be part of a team working towards a specific area of need in the community
  • Develop skills in inter-cultural communication
  • Learn how community initiatives can support the livelihood of individuals


Students will be accommodated at Marula Lodge which is the closest camp to the main entrance gate of the South Luangwa National Park. The comfortable, affordable chalets provide the perfect haven for a stay in this region. On the outer perimeter of the camp, each chalet has just enough seclusion to make you feel at home with the chance to relax between your busy days. Relax in your chalet, jump into the pool for a refreshing swim or, indulge yourself whilst sitting in the shade of the magnificent trees at the river’s edge. The lodge’s experienced chefs cater to all tastes, using fresh local produce and plenty of imagination.

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