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Our summer Study Abroad programs in Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania are ideal for individuals who want to join a group with similar educational interests. Spend your summer break engaging in a life-changing learning experience in Africa -- and put your career on an exciting new trajectory. Explore your options here:

African Democracy, Worldview and Culture from Zimbabwe


While looking through the lens of faith, this experiential 4 week study abroad program in Zimbabwe enables students to understand culture and democracy in the Sub Saharan Africa region. It...

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Community Public Health in Tanzania


If you have a background in nursing, midwifery, medicine, allied health, biology or other related fields, the 4 week Community Public Health Study Abroad Program in Tanzania is for you. Explore and...

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Social and Economic Development of South Africa

South Africa

Apply now to join a 4 week Social and Economic Development Program to Study Abroad in South Africa. You will be equipped with a knowledge of Africa’s social and economic issues and...

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Ecological Restoration, Wetlands and Conservation in Kenya


Study Abroad in Kenya, a 4 week program aimed at offering Ecology and Environmental Science students practical experience and a understanding of the complex relationship between Kenya’s indigenous communities, land, water and wildlife...

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