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Why Educational Travel Is Good for Students

The idea that travel is good for students is nothing new; what has changed is that it is not so exclusive anymore. Today, more and more universities are embracing the concept of learning in different environments and cultures, demonstrated by the explosion of educational study abroad programs across the globe. Students have a wide range of opportunities available, growing and broadening their perspectives through immersion abroad.

So, as students, what are some of the greatest benefits of travel? How can a rich learning experience impact you personally?

Emotional growth

According to relevant studies, people who travel generally have a more positive outlook on life. New patterns of thought are generated as you experience with all your senses, allowing you to return to previous stressors with better-equipped coping mechanisms.
Traveling as a student lets you step out of your comfort zone, entering a new and unknown world. Facing and dealing with various situations not only increases your ability to solve problems, but builds your confidence while gaining independence. Exploring your identity might just be the perfect antidote to rejuvenate motivation and grow emotionally.

Stress relief

The strenuous demands of university have quickly sparked debates in many different fields, leading to countless research studies about the effects of stress on young people.
Studies have shown that travel decreases the amount of cortisol released in your body, lowering your risk of a heart attack and other cardiovascular disorders. As the field of epigenetics shows, a walk in nature has incredible effects on the expression of your DNA, creating a healthier version of yourself.
Relaxing in a new environment, laughing with people you meet along the way, partaking in a traditional tribal dance – all of these learning methods not only broaden your world view, but also offer you a plethora of transformative opportunities to counter the constraints of a stressful academic lifestyle.

Practical life experience

Learning about different ways of life opens your mind to greater possibilities for yourself, for your career, and for manifesting your dreams. Educationally, travel offers you “real life” knowledge and experiences that doesn’t come out of a textbook. On your journeys, you will gain exposure to new cultures and languages – new ways of thinking – that will lend your worldview greater perspective and insight.

International network

As you travel abroad, you will have the opportunity to engage with and meet new people from all over the world, sharing new experiences and creating life-long memories. Building an international network of contacts, relationships are formed that will last a life time. This will benefit you personally as well as professionally for years to come.

There’s a reason why traveling has been known for centuries as a powerful tool of experience and actualization. Travelling while you are a student, gives you access to student deals and is the perfect time for broadening your horizons while you have little other obligations. We strongly believe that educational travel is good for students of any walk of life. But don’t just take our word for it – try it for yourself!

If you are a student looking for a study abroad program, or currently in the process of planning an educational trip – you can explore our programs in Africa or contact us to customize a trip for you.