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Kenya’s visa applications go online

The Kenyan government has implemented a new online visa application process through its eCitizen portal for travellers wishing to visit Kenya, as well as travellers in transit.

Kenyan Visas

Travellers to Kenya will need to apply for one of the following visas:

Single Entry Visa:

Issued for single entry to persons whose nationalities require visa to enter Kenya either for business, tourism, or medical.

Cost: $51


1. Valid travel document not less than six months.

2. Complete visa application form.

3. At least One Blank page in the holder’s passport.

4. Return ticket.


Transit Visa:

A Transit Visa is issued to persons connecting through Kenya to other destinations for a period not exceeding 72 hours.

Cost: $21

Requirements: An onward ticket for transit visa.


Which Nationals need a visa?

Nationals (passport holders) of the following countries* do not require visas to enter Kenya:




Brunei Darussalam




Fiji Island







Malaysia (For less than 30 days stay)





Papua New Guinea



Sierra Leone


Solomon Islands

South Africa (For less than 30 days stay)

St. Kitts and Navis

St. Lucia

St. Vincent and the Grenadines




The Bahamas

The Gambia


Trinidad and Tobago







Nationals (passport holders) whose country doesn’t appear in the above list will require a visa or transit visa to enter Kenya.


Nationals of following Countries, Classes and Categories of Persons shall have their visa applications referred to the Director of Immigration Services, Nairobi for approval.


* Please note: The list of countries above may be subject to change.

How to apply

  1. Visit the eCitizen website at
  2. Select “Register” in the top right corner
  3. Select “Create an Account” under the “Visitors” option
  4. Complete all fields of the registration form
  5. You will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link to verify your registration.
  6. You will be asked to upload a digital passport photo (maximum 500px by 500px)
  7. Once logged in, select “Department of Immigration Services”
  8. Select “Submit Application”
  9. Select “Kenyan Visa”
  10. Select the type of visa (Single Entry or Transit). Read the instructions carefully and select “Apply Now”
  11. Complete the application form. Please note that incomplete applications will be rejected and you will lose your processing fees
  12. You will need a scan of the main page of your passport with your name, date of birth, and other information
  13. You will need to re-upload your passport photo
  14. Pay using your Visa card, MasterCard, or debit card
  15. Your approval will be sent to you via email and can take up to 7 days
  16. Once you have received the email of approval, log into your eCitizen account and download your visa
  17. Print a copy of your visa to present to the immigration officer at your point of entry into Kenya


Please note:

  • Only one application may be made per person to receive a Unique Confirmation Number.
  • The visa process takes up to 7 days and must be completed prior to arrival
  • You will need a scan of your passport and passport photo
  • Approval and issuance of the visa does not guarantee entry into Kenya
  • Any form of business or employment on a visitor’s visa is an offence
  • Those travelling with pets must obtain pet permits
  • Applicants who intend to conduct temporary business, trade, or profession must apply for a special pass from the Director of Immigration Services in Nairobi
  • Applicants seeking to undertake internship/placement or academic research should liaise with their host organizations, institutions or companies to make applications for the necessary pass to the Director of Immigration Services in Nairobi prior to their engagements.


Visit for more information on visa application and visa categories based on nationalities.


What do you think of the new online visa application process?