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What is Virtual Exchange?

Virtual Exchange is not a substitute for study abroad, but a robust and potentially revolutionary model for transforming the way we approach not only international education programs, but classroom instruction in general. Delivered online and facilitated by a trained program team, this platform offers a framework for meaningful transnational and intercultural experiences and collaboration. Compared to traditional study abroad, Virtual Exchange boasts a low health and safety risk, is environmentally responsible, and is cost-effective. In a world that is increasingly dominated by technology, students enrolled in these programs will learn first-hand to navigate cultural norms, language barriers, time zones and content on online platforms – an integral skill in the ever-changing 21st Century. Most importantly, it enables us to continue to foster global collaboration and connectivity between Africans and the world.

Co-investigation Clusters

Dissecting Social Identities in Post-Colonial Kenya


This virtual exchange program introduces students to social identities, power, privilege, intersectionality, and diversity in post-colonial Kenya. They will gain an understanding of the institutions that governed and shaped identities...

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Custom Programs

Ecology and Sustainable Conservation | Southern and Eastern Africa


Our Ecology and Sustainable Conservation Virtual Exchange program takes students on a multi-country journey, engaging them with local experts as they learn about and take part in sustainable conservation strategies...

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Examine Culture, World View & Social Justice in Zimbabwe


This virtual exchange program is an exploration of culture, community, identity politics, and social justice in the context of Zimbabwe. Students will study concepts such as individualism and collectivism, giving...

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Exploring Access to Healthcare for People with Disabilities in Tanzania


This virtual exchange program explores access to healthcare, particularly physical therapy, in Tanzania as it pertains to people with disabilities and/or special needs. Students will become acquainted with the various...

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Identity & Social Transformation through Art

South Africa

Delivered entirely online, this Identity & Social Transformation through Art virtual exchange program, critically engages students with communities, industry professionals, and service projects in South Africa, without ever needing to...

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