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Environmental Justice: Green Spaces as a Human Right

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When considering environmental challenges around the world, it is quickly apparent that the effects of environmental degradation weigh disproportionally on the most vulnerable communities. In the first session, participants work on case studies of Environmental Injustice in South Africa and engage with a local organization working to protect natural habitats and create healthier living environments. In the second session, we move on to East Africa, where participants learn about reforestation efforts in Kenya. Collaborating in small groups with local experts and community members, participants explore the importance of indigenous forests for both ecological and community wellness.

Importantly, participants will reflect on Environmental Justice in their own context and seek out ways to advocate for environmentally healthy living spaces both locally and globally. A donation will be made on behalf of each participant towards Friends of Brackenhurst in aid of their reforestation work in Limuru, Kenya.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this cluster, participants should be able to:

  1. Define Environmental Justice in the African context
  2. Explore examples of African solutions to Environmental Injustice
  3. Critically evaluate Environmental Justice in their local contexts
  4. Personally advocate for Environmental Justice

Virtual Inclusions

  • Case study reviews of Environmental Justice
  • Breakout room discussions
  • My Greenspace Challenge: Participants to spend at least 30min in the closest green space to their home in order to observe distance, accessibility, smells, sounds, and impact on emotional and physical health.  Findings will be documented in video, photograph, writing, or other creative formats
  • Creation of an Environmental Justice personal statement: “I am growing as an Environmental Justice advocate by……”


My Greenspace challenge and creation of an Environmental Justice personal statement.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to participants of any discipline or background
  • Must have access to reliable, high-speed internet connection and device from which to connect
  • Willingness to collaborate synchronously (in real time)
  • Good command of English language
  • Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to different accents and ways of speaking in English
  • Willingness to collaborate asynchronously

Time investment:

3 hours of Synchronous Engagement (2 sessions of 1.5h each)

Min/Max Pax

15-45 participants

Program Cost

$1770 for 15-30 participants.

Additional participants at $25 pp.

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