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Ocean Conservation & Marine Biology

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Program Content

At the southern tip of Africa, South Africa is a destination bordered by both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. These two oceans have markedly different ecosystems allowing accessibility to incredibly rich and diverse marine life on each coastline, as well as entirely unique hybrids where the oceans converge. The Cape coastline has some of the highest counts of Great White Shark in the world, making it a leading destination for shark research and conservation. This virtual exchange program introduces students to the significance of our oceans and marine life, and the links between ocean conservation and climate change. Working with local conservation entities, students engage in virtual service learning activities that assist with ocean research and education efforts.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, students should be able to:

  1. Think critically on connections between society and ocean conservation
  2. Compare and contrast human-marine life conflict in South Africa with those of your home country
  3. Examine the effectiveness of conservation methodologies and technologies
  4. Identify unique marine species and environments
  5. Apply the use of practical skills gained from observation, analysis, and ideation
  6. Demonstrate intercultural communication skills, attitudes and values in daily interactions
  7. Critically reflect on individual strengths, beliefs, and value systems

Note: Specific learning outcomes and activities can be constructed in collaboration with EDU Africa’s dedicated curriculum development team.

Virtual Inclusions

Through both synchronous and asynchronous methods, students will explore, experience, and engage with the following:

  • Educational viewing of the Two Oceans Aquarium exhibits and African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary (APSS)
  • Observation of marine conservation efforts including necropsy and species identification
  • Practical service learning activities that benefit ocean conservation
  • Workshops & discussions on marine conservation, climate change, marine species, human-marine life conflict
  • Critical analysis of changes to South Africa’s coastlines
  • Critical analysis of changes to shark populations
  • Analysis of waste from both a virtual and real clean up
  • Panel discussion: Corporate & Community Sustainability Practices to Reduce Plastic in our Ocean
  • Conversations with local students in South Africa


Our team works collaboratively with faculty to curate and deliver quality programs. Your dedicated Program Manager will assist with program development and arrangements, supporting and advising you along the way. Your assigned Program Facilitator will be able to assist with session facilitation, lead reflections, and support participants on their learning journey. Finally, our Technical Support Team is available to set up and ensure the smooth running of virtual sessions.

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We thrive on innovation and collaboration with our team members, local partners, and global clients. All our Virtual Exchange programs can be customized according to specific learning outcomes, the preferred time commitment, and accessible platforms. We believe every virtual journey with us to Africa gives students the opportunity to learn and transform. Request a proposal to start the collaborative journey.

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