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About Us

“Our goal is for all students to experience holistic transformation during their time in Africa, and that they will become global agents of that change.”

Who we are

At EDU Africa, we are passionate about people, our environment, and education. We believe every journey with us to Africa, gives students the opportunity to learn and transform. Our exceptional team operates from three regional offices in South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe and we value the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our local communities, partners, and clients from around the world.

What we do

It is our mission to develop and facilitate Transformative Learning Journeys through our Faculty-led, Virtual Exchange, Service Learning, School, and Individual Study Abroad programs in Sub-Saharan  Africa. Our experienced program designers will work closely with you to develop your program, ensuring it meets your logistical needs and achieves your specific academic learning outcomes.

Through these custom programs, we give faculty and their students access to experiential learning opportunities, high-caliber industry and academic professionals, and sustainable community initiatives. By combining place-based experience and content with intentional reflection practices and dialogue, we aim to challenge students’ understanding of various African cultures, knowledge systems, and worldviews, but also of their own.


Our Core Values

Friendliness: Our friendliness and care for each other, our clients, and our community partners set us apart from others.

Collaboration: We prize teamwork and partnership with all stakeholders as essential components of creating transformative educational experiences.

Innovation: Our innovative spirit drives our curiosity, creativity, and responsiveness, and encourages us to continually be thinking about inventive ways to cultivate learning and challenge thinking.

Stewardship: We are deeply committed to treating the earth, its diverse resources, and its peoples with integrity and respect. 

Learning: We desire to grow personally and become co-investigators with our teams, our clients, the learners we host and the communities we partner with.