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EDU Africa Blog

Our blog features student transformation stories, information and tips for traveling to Africa, and highlights the unique opportunities for learning that our regions and community partners offer.

Changing Lives

Africa's Wonder Women on the Forefront of Conservation

For decades, women across the globe have done phenomenal work for the conservation and preservation of the planet’s wildlife and environment. As International Women’s Month draws to a close, we...

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Celebrating World Wildlife Day

This week, we’re celebrating World Wildlife Day, a day to commemorate our globe’s magnificent fauna and flora, and to raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. In this...

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Students Abroad

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

The world's problems are often described as uncontrollable. It is said that our issues are a fact of life. In today’s era, however, global citizens are confident that we can...

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Five things to do before traveling to study abroad

Five things to do before traveling to study abroad   Have you just been accepted into a phenomenal study abroad program but feel a tad overwhelmed by the preparation? Moving...

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Travel News & Tips

Celebrating the heroes of Zimbabwe

This week, our team in Zimbabwe is celebrating Heroes' Day. Curious about the significance of this occasion? In this blog post, we’ll unpack the captivating story behind this public holiday....

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How to Greet People in Africa

Africa is home to 54 countries with over 3 000 ethnic and cultural groups, each with a unique identity and expression. Across the 30.37 million square kilometer landmass of Africa,...

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