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EDU Africa Blog

Our blog features student transformation stories, information and tips for traveling to Africa, and highlights the unique opportunities for learning that our regions and community partners offer.

Changing Lives

Our Approach to Ethical Service Learning Engagements

One of the key aspects of our Transformative Learning Journeys at EDU Africa is our Ethical Service Learning placements. Students have been participating in community projects all over the world...

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Transformative Learning | Professional Development

Our custom programs encourage Professional Development through hands-on experiences; field work; and project-based learning. We want our students to be more competitive professionally, but also recognize the variety of professional...

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Students Abroad

Reflection Essay | A Student Journey Of Transformation

Ryan Brissey's reflection essay offers an informative view of what students can expect to gain during the Ecology & Conservation program in Kenya - perspective-altering growth and development, "broadened...horizons", and...

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Best Practices in Field Studies Abroad

Instead of just managing a study abroad program or speaking about abstract notions of sustainable engagement from afar, attendees had the opportunity to witness, access and discuss these experiences first-hand...

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Travel News & Tips

Navigating Emotional Wellness and Change

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. We are all adjusting to a ‘new normal’ by which many of us feel caught off guard. Although different, change is also...

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE

General Statement Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE: 3 April 2020 In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, we are certainly in the most uncertain of times. Our hope for our clients, friends,...

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