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At EDU Africa, the common thread across our range of programming is our desire to encourage meaningful transformation. This means curating intentional and impactful programs that leave participants changed.

If you are interested in creating a customized faculty-led or school program for your students, our experienced and innovative programming team would love to collaborate with you. If you are an individual student and are looking for options to study abroad in Africa, get in touch with us!

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Our Programs


Each one of our Faculty-Led programs are customized according to your specific needs and learning outcomes, offering a unique, transforming African experience.

Each of our School programs are custom-developed to suit your unique requirements.

Online global learning utilizes digital technologies to connect partners (students, faculty, and professionals) from around the world in collaborative and interactive learning activities within a shared online environment

Spend 4-8 weeks on a transformative learning journey in Africa — and put your career on an exciting new trajectory.

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An African journey to meet every learning goal.

Learning a new culture, being exposed to something you’ve never experienced before, not changing the way they live but exchanging ideas, and opening your heart to self reflect and grow as an individual.

- Abbey | Georgia College -

I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your team for all that you did to make our first program a success. The program was incredible from start to finish, and the students found each of the activities to be inspirational, educational, and informative. One student noted in her final assignment that she learned something from each and every visit and interaction.

- Dr. Sarah Daly | St. Vincent College -

Fundamentally, I’m sold on EDU Africa’s ability to put together a virtual session, and I’ll be in touch about using them for our upcoming virtual programming.

- Jon Stauff, Assistant VP | South Dakota State University -

Connecting virtually to locals in Tanzania sparked challenging conversations, critical thinking, and connection. Thank you EDU Africa!

- Kristen Connolly | Pediatric Doctor of Physical Therapy -

This experience was life-changing. It provided me with a great opportunity to engage with new people and to learn in a multi-faceted way. I truly feel that I am a positively-changed person through embarking on this journey.

- Tiayé | Wake Forest University -

“The things I experienced gave me a new perspective on different cultures and what it means for my culture to be only one part of the whole world. I was transformed by the joy and kindness this culture brings to others.”

- Jessica | Carthage College -

This trip was better and more than anything imagined. What a great company with the best staff! You all have been so incredible and I am homesick for South Africa already. Thank you for everything. This trip means a renewed mindset and a redefined calling for me so sad to leave, but so blessed to leave with so many amazing memories.

- Quinn | Belmont University -

This virtual exchange was exceptional. The facilitators were able to push toward the learning objectives and allow space for thought, conversation and reflection, which can be difficult in virtual meetings.

- Dr. Bryan Rank | Arkansas Tech University -

Thank you for all your team did to facilitate our program. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and all aspects of the trip were beyond expectations!

- Dr. Stephanie Cash | Shorter University -

I would highly recommend the services of EDU Africa! All the staff did an excellent job helping us learn and grow in the African Culture.

- Tammy Marshall | Cornerstone University -

This has been one of the most humbling and wonderful experiences I’ve ever had. Will definitely be recommending others to come.

- Caroline Gamwell | Northwestern University -

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